Dead Island 2 shadow drops onto Gamepass Ultimate

Dead Island 2 Game Banner
Dead Island 2 Game Banner

Xbox only announced the next wave of games on the 21st of February, yet not 24 hours later we have had a surprise addition to the slate of games coming with the shadow drop of Dead Island 2 from Deep Silver Games. This surprise drop brings the games coming up until the 5th of March to 8! And, of course, it is playable in the cloud!

In Dead Island 2, get ready to tear through a gloriously grotesque Los Angeles overrun by the undead. This first-person action RPG blends chilling horror with dark humor, letting you unleash carnage on hordes of zombies in a vibrant, gore-soaked playground. Carve your way through iconic landmarks, meet a cast of outrageous characters, and evolve into the ultimate zombie slayer. It’s a wild, bloody adventure filled with over-the-top action and twisted pulp storytelling, perfect for those who crave a unique zombie experience. Just remember, in HELL-A (as they call it), survival is only the beginning.



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