Destiny 2: The Final Shape Launches Worldwide

Bungie has launched Destiny 2: The Final Shape globally on all platforms. This marks the conclusion of Destiny’s decade-long Light and Darkness Saga, where Guardians face their ultimate adversary, the Witness, and aim to end the War of Light and Darkness.

In The Final Shape, Guardians will enter the Traveler and explore a new destination called The Pale Heart. They will rally their Vanguard allies and confront both new and familiar enemies. A new Prismatic subclass is introduced, allowing players to combine Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, and Strand into a custom subclass. This subclass offers new build options and the ability to become Transcendent, unlocking new abilities and weapon damage bonuses.

Following the launch of The Final Shape, Bungie will release the first Episode, Echoes, on June 11. This Episode, the first of three standalone Episodes for the year, will feature new stories, activities, and rewards, unfolding over three Acts from June 11 to early October.

The Final Shape Features

  • Prismatic Subclass: Combines Light and Darkness powers, offering new abilities and customization options.
  • The Pale Heart: A new destination inside the Traveler.
  • Legendary Campaign: Returns with greater rewards and challenges.
  • Exotic Class Items: New items featuring perks from other well-known Exotic gear.
  • The Dread: New enemy combatants aligned with the Witness.

New Raid and World First Race Coming June 7

Bungie will unlock the new raid, Salvation’s Edge, on June 7 at 10 AM Pacific (17:00 UTC). This raid is designed for six players and includes a competition to crown the first fireteam to complete it. The winning team will receive World First title belts.

Dungeons & Dragons Crossover

Destiny 2 will feature in-game items inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, including armor ornaments and themed accessories. The Bungie Store will offer a vinyl figure inspired by the Beholder monster from D&D.

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  1. Interestingly and inexplicably, Destiny 2 as of The Last Shape is no longer playable on PlayStation Stream. From what I can see this is the case on Xbox too. In fact, after a recent PS UX update, it is looking like cloud has been pushed even deeper within the PS experience now with fewer of the recent PS Plus and PS Plus Extra/Premium games having a stream option and Streaming not highlightef as a top level benefit until you literally go to the ‘Benefits’ tab. Hope this is just a blip.

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