Diablo IV is Available on PlayStation Cloud Gaming – Beats Xbox to the Punch

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In the fall of 2023, Sony began streaming games from PS5 hardware in their cloud datacenters. This upgrade cloud gaming service is available to PS Plus Premium subscribers with PS5 consoles. When they upgraded their servers, they also began streaming a subset of games that users own outright (outside of PS Plus). We have a script that captures all games with this support – you can see our entire list of such games. While these games are not part of PS Plus (and must be owned outright to stream), you still do need a PS Plus Premium subscription to be able to stream them from the cloud (servers aren’t free).

For now the ability to stream PS5 games from the cloud is still limited only to actual PS5 devices (which admittedly defeats a lot of the purpose of the capability). But, we hope the ability to stream PS5 games to additional devices (including the PlayStation Portal) comes sooner rather than later.

We run a script about once a month to look for new titles with PS5 Cloud Gaming support, and today it picked up 16 new games. A number of very popular games are included (see below). The biggest surprise though is probably Diablo IV. This is the first Activision/Blizzard title to get PS5 Cloud Gaming support. While the game can already be streamed from the cloud via GeForce NOW and Boosteroid already, it can’t yet be streamed from Microsoft’s own Xbox Cloud Gaming service – despite the game being on Game Pass. Speculation has it that this is due to Microsoft selling the cloud gaming rights for Activision/Blizzard games to Ubisoft in order to appease The UK. It is unclear whether Diablo IV will land on Xbox Cloud Gaming when Xbox adds support for games you own (expected soon), but recent rumors have it that Microsoft are still negotiating with Ubisoft.

While there is no news about additional device support for PS5 Cloud Gaming, this is, in general, good news.

16 New PS5 Games With Cloud Streaming Availability

Here are the new PS5 games that can now be streamed from the cloud to PS5 consoles. They all gained cloud gaming support over the last month.

Many of these are very popular games: Persona 3 Reload, ARK: Survival Ascended, HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED 2 and The Talos Principle 2 are all great pick ups. While PS5 consoles owners can already play these games locally, their appearance in the PlayStation cloud means as soon as PlayStation Cloud Gaming expands to more devices, these games will be playable on a lot more screens!

Make sure to also check out our entire list of 250+ PS5 games that can be streamed from the cloud.


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