Elypse Launches on Utomik Cloud, Rytmos and Etherborn Soon to Follow

Elypse Game Banner

Elypse, developed by Hot Chili Games and published by Plug In Digital, has officially launched on Utomik Cloud. Offering a unique blend of platforming, metroidvania mechanics, and action-packed gameplay, Elypse invites players to embark on a daring journey through the depths of an infernal world known as the Abyss.

In Elypse, players assume the role of a protagonist who has been chosen for a sacrificial mission. All to protect their people from the enigmatic Abyss. Survive within this perilous domain with the guidance of Nyx, a solitary entity dwelling amidst the darkness. Together, they strive to reach a portal that might offer the long-awaited escape from the Abyss.

One of the standout features of Elypse is its dark and gloomy aesthetic. Immersing players in an atmospheric 2D environment filled with traps, dangers, and enemies. Navigating this realm requires skill, creating a challenging and engaging gameplay experience.

To survive, players can unlock a range of skills and abilities as they progress through the game. These newfound powers will be essential in overcoming the Abyss’s relentless trials and uncovering its well-guarded secrets.

Elypse promises a visually stunning experience, with striking environments that capture the game’s unique atmosphere. From desolate caves to otherworldly landscapes, players will strive to be the first to escape the clutches of Elypse’s darkness.

Utomik Cloud, a gaming service known for its vast library of games, has added Elypse to its collection. Expanding its selection of gaming experiences. Players now have the opportunity to delve into the gripping world of Elypse and test their mettle in the Abyss.

Two new puzzle games coming soon

In addition to Elypse, Utomik Cloud has announced the upcoming releases of two highly anticipated video games: Rytmos and Etherborn. Gamers can look forward to exploring the rhythmic landscapes of Rytmos and navigating the gravity-shifting puzzles of Etherborn in the near future.

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