FIFA Returns to Boosteroid in the “Install and Play” Category

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Good news for FIFA players looking to play the game in the cloud who were disappointed when the game seemingly left Boosteroid a few weeks ago. It’s back! FIFA 21, 22 and 23 are all again listed on the service! Boosteroid appears to have worked though issues related to the EA Origin to new EA app transition and have the games installable and playable again.

Available Via “Install” and Play

We should note that the way games are supported under the “Install and Play” category of Boosteroid is a little different than the way the majority of games on Boosteroid work. This category requires users to download, install and manage their own private copy of the games on a limited amount of cloud storage – more similar in spirit to how Shadow handles game installs vs. something like GeForce Now where the actual game install is in shared storage (the latter of which is similar to how most games on Boosteroid work).

For this reason, we do not list these “install and play” games in our catalog of cloud games as essentially all PC games can be played in this manner via a service like Shadow or even your own private instances on various cloud providers. Though, one could argue that Boosteroid does significantly help streamline some of the installation and launch process vs. those other options.

Kudos to @VetCloudGaming on twitter for pointing us to this turn of events.


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