Five New Games Come to GeForce NOW this Week + First Xbox Studios Games Mentioned

Sons of the Forest Game Banner Embedded in GFN Graphics

It’s once again Thursday. That means it’s time for another slate of games have just been added to GeForce NOW.

If you follow us on social media, you already know about Atomic Heart. Four other games are dropping today or in the next few days.

Blood Bowl 3 GFN Game Banner
Blood Bowl Has Arrived on GFN

The team also mentions Cartel Tycoon, which we previously covered when it went live last week.

In addition, the GeForce NOW team has announced the following in regard to the first Xbox games that will arrive on GeForce NOW.

Work to bring top Xbox PC game franchises and titles to GeForce NOW, such as Halo, Minecraft and Elder Scrolls, will begin immediately.

Xbox Game Studios PC games available on third-party stores, like Steam or Epic Games Store, will be
among the first streamed through GeForce NOW.

The team also expects to bring future Xbox Studios games to the service day and date.


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