Xbox Announces Game Pass Titles for May 2023

Ravenlok Screenshot

Following the release of Redfall on Game Pass today, including Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox has announced the new games that will be added to the service this month.

Even thought the start of May starts with a first-party title like Redfall, the other offerings fall short, as the subscription-based service plans to add only 4 games to its catalog. Even more disappointing for us, is that only two of said games will be available via the cloud. However, last week we also got new games added, including a couple that dropped as a surprise.

Games now available on Xbox Cloud

Redfall — The island of Redfall is under siege by a legion of vampires who have cut the island off from the outside world.

Besiege — Besiege is a physics building game where you construct war machines to obliterate fortresses, annihilate legions of soldiers, navigate hazards, and solve physics puzzles.

Ravenlok — May 4

Enter a world of wonder and danger in Ravenlok, an action-packed fairy tale adventure by Cococucumber. Follow your curiosity through a mystical mirror into a lost land of terrifying monsters and a malevolent queen. Wield your sword, unleash your spells, and fight your way through beastly bosses in lush, handcrafted environments.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2  — May 11

The sequel to the captivating tale of Fuga: Melodies of Steel is coming soon! This turn-based RPG is back with a ramped up battle system for more strategy, as well as a brand-new event system that gives you more thrilling choices to affect your experience!

Additionally, the following games are leaving Game Pass soon, so it is a perfect time to rearrange your gaming schedule to jump back into these before they go. Don’t forget to use your membership discount to save up to 20% on your purchase if you want to keep them in your library.

  • Before We Leave (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Hearts of Iron IV (PC)
  • Her Story (PC)
  • Umurangi Generation: Special Edition (Cloud, Console, and PC)



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