Quake II Joins Game Pass and Xbox Cloud

Easily my favorite part of cloud gaming, regardless of platform or service, are shadow drops. Something that isn’t quite possible with conventional, local, gameplay. There is something magical about being able to play a game within seconds of its announcement. No downloading or waiting. Just magical tap-and-play gaming.

quake ii  artwork

Quake II Remastered

As was rumored earlier today, Quake 2 Remaster has been released for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC And Switch. The remake was announced today as what should have been a surprise at QuakeCon, An annual event celebrating convention held by ZeniMax Media to celebrate and promote the major franchises of id Software and other studios owned by ZeniMax.

Back To 1997

What better way to celebrate the announcement of a remaster than travelling back in time to play the 1997 original? Thanks to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you can. No DeLorean required. Thanks to cloud gaming you can play the original whilst the remaster downloads. Tell me that isn’t awesome!

screenshot of quake II on gamepass mobile app

Old School graphics, modern technology

Whilst people argue about the fidelity of cloud gaming providers, this is what it is all about to me. Playing great games in an instant. No downloads, waiting or taking up hard drive space. It doesn’t matter that the graphics are terrible or that it’s not 60 frames per second. It’s an enjoyable game you can play on any screen any time.

Game on my friends.

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