Amazon Luna Losing More of its Remaining Big Titles in Early July

Games Leaving Luna in July

Like Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna’s Luna+ subscription cycles through games. However, unlike Game Pass, once a game cycles out of Luna+, the game is gone from Luna entirely! There is no option to purchase the games outright.

Over the last 9 months or so, Amazon Luna has been losing far more games than they have been getting. The library size is down well over 100 games since the drought started.

Cloud Gaming Library Sizes Over Time

In June, the service has lost 5 games including many of the top games remaining on the service!

It looks like Bug Fables may have gotten a last minute reprieve. It is no longer slated to disappear on June 30.

Games Leaving Luna in Early July

Unfortunately, we are now seeing games listed as leaving in early July. Given recent history, we expect more games to be eventually listed for late July.

Unfortunately, these are again among the better titles remaining on Luna+. We highly recommend all three of these games. But, keep in mind you won’t be able to play proper multiplayer in DIRT 5 or earn any achievements on Luna.

DIRT 5 Banner

New Games for July

We expect an announcement from Amazon tomorrow on new games coming to Luna+ for July and what the free Amazon Prime games will be. So, stay tuned here for news!

One nice thing about the Ubisoft Channel games on Luna (where you can play your owned games for free with a Prime Membership) and Fortnite (also free for Prime Members) is that these games are never expected to leave. We think that more of this model may be the future for Luna.


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