2 Popular Games Leaving Xbox Cloud Gaming this August

Microsoft has revealed the list of games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming on the 15th of August. So far this month, it’s very light on the cloud games.

While the addition of new games to the service is always exciting, it’s important to note that some titles will also be departing to make room for fresh content. Here are the games bidding farewell to Xbox Cloud Gaming:

Edge Of Eternity

Wage epic turn-based battles as you follow Daryon and Selene on their quest to find a cure to the all-consuming Corrosion in this grand tale of hope and sacrifice, created by a small team of passionate JRPG lovers

Midnight Flight Express

A former member of the criminal underworld is lured back into “the life” by a mysterious drone claiming they have until sunrise to prevent a citywide criminal takeover together.

Whilst not playable in the cloud, it is also worth noting that Death Stranding and Total War III will be leaving PC Game Pass at the same time as the two games above.

While it’s always disappointing to see games leave the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming library, it’s important to remember that new titles are regularly added to the service. Players can look forward to the arrival of exciting new games in the near future.

Players can also save up to 20% with your membership discount to keep these games in your library!

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