GameSir Announces GameSir X2s Type-C Mobile Controller

GameSir has introduced a new contender with its latest controller, which is already generating buzz for being one of the best options available. GameSir X2s Type-C is tailored for cloud gaming, promising to enhance the gaming experience with its advanced features. The controller is available for $45.99, or £49.99.

Here are some details shared by GameSir themselves:

As GameSir’s latest mobile gaming controller, the X2s features state-of-the-art anti-drift. Hall Effect tech in its joystick, boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 500,000 cycles. The Face Buttons and D-pad utilize Dome Switches akin to those found on the Nintendo Switch.

The shoulder buttons come equipped with classic micro-switches, delivering an esports mechanical feel with a lifespan of up to 3 million cycles. Works with iPhone 15 series, Android devices, and HarmonyOS devices, it’s especially friendly to foldable phones.

Hair trigger, quick key swapping and turbo function. Customizable settings for Android devices through the GameSir App, the X2s is packed with surprises waiting for you to explore.

In addition to the new release, some users have recommended the GameSir Galileo G8 controller, highlighting its comfortable Xbox-like grips and suitability for extended gaming sessions. You can read our review of said controller here. We also posted a review of the GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox, another fan-favorite for cloud gamers.

The conversation around the new GameSir controller reflects the growth in interest in cloud gaming accessories, as players seek the best possible experience. With the market for cloud gaming controllers becoming increasingly competitive, GameSir’s latest offering is poised to be a significant player. Specially considering its very low price compared to its competitors.

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