GeForce NOW Adds 3 Games This Week including OddBallers – 4080s Hit London

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It’s once again the fourth day of the work week, which means it is time for another edition of GeForce NOW Thursday! This week’s news brings us the announcement of 3 new GeForce NOW Games. The list includes the long awaited “OddBallers” dodgeball party game from Ubisoft. The full list of titles is:

In addition, the Ubisoft titles Tom Clancy’s Breakpoint and Watch Dogs Legion are now available to play via the Steam platform instead of just via the Epic Games Store. The Eternal Cylinder is also now playable on Steam.

OddBallers Finally Lands in the Cloud

OddBallers was first expected to hit the clouds just about a year ago via Google Stadia, but the game was delayed seemingly indefinitely. It looks like it is now ready for release. It is great to see it coming day and date to the cloud today via GeForce NOW.

The most recent look we have of the game actually comes from a recent fall Nintendo Direct event. You can check out the gameplay below:

RTX 4080s Nearly Ready to Use in London

The RTX 4080 GPU upgrade continues to roll out throughout GFN’s NVIDIA territories. This week, the latest GPUs have landed in London. NVIDIA says:

RTX 4080 SuperPOD upgrades are nearly finished in the London data center, expanding the number
of regions where Ultimate members can experience the most powerful cloud gaming technology on the planet.

In addition, two existing GFN games have gotten support for one of the 4080’s best features – DLSS 3. The HITMAN Trilogy and Marvel’s Midnight Suns can now both benefit AI powered super-resolution and enhanced frame rates.

Our editorial on this week’s GFN news

Make sure to check out all the recent GeForce NOW news. It’s been an exciting past few weeks.


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