GeForce NOW Looks Set To Depart Russia This October

It looks very likely that GeForce NOW will no longer be available in Russia after October 1st 2023. GeForce NOW is operated in Russia by a partner company, GFN.RU, whose servers also serve Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

GFN.RU has made the official announcement that from September 1st 2023, they will stop selling 30, 180 and 365-day memberships to their cloud gaming service and will instead only sell memberships for 1 and 7 days, with their service shutting down completely on October 1st 2023. Users who have an active subscription that goes beyond October 1st 2023 will receive refunds.

Moscow, August 29, 2023.

Since its launch in October 2019, the GFN.RU service has aimed to bring the best and most advanced gaming technologies to the Russian market. Millions of gamers have tried cloud gaming and learned that any device can be a gaming device. You don’t need a powerful device to play games, any one will do, be it a smartphone, tablet or even a regular TV. We made the service available to everyone with a free basic subscription and offered over a hundred free games.

Games have always been our passion, which we shared with you. The passion for games has made it possible to create a world-class service where you can find the best games, the latest technology and the best gaming experience. In the current circumstances, we cannot provide the quality of service that we have established for ourselves and that our users expect and deserve.

Starting September 1, 2023, we close registration in GFN.RU for new users and stop selling subscriptions for 30, 180 and 365 days.

From October 1, 2023, our servers will stop working. All of our users with subscriptions valid after October 1, 2023 will receive a refund. You do not need to contact us for this, the money will be returned automatically to your card. Due to the high volume of returns, please wait until October 15th. If by this time the return has not been received, please contact our support. If you purchased a subscription from our partners, we will work with them to process your refund.

Thanks everyone for a great game!

GFN.RU Statement

At the moment it is not known if Nvidia will look to partner up with another company to once again supply GeForce NOW to that region given that several countries outwith of Russia will also be affected by this news. Rest assured that Cloud Dosage will update this article with more information should we receive it.


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