One Month GFN Memberships Return in North America

GFN 1 Month Tier is Back

In a post to Reddit, NVIDIA announced that one month memberships have returned – in North America at least. We can only assume that this is the result of increased capacity – aka they’ve deployed more racks of servers in their North American data centers. You can see the locations and status of those datacenters here – including a new data-center in The Caucasus which is RTX-4080 ready.

We should note, however, that the free tier is still not accepting new users at this time – in either North America or Europe.

While this improved situation hasn’t yet hit Europe, it’s a good sign that things will likely impove over there in the near future as well. At the end of the day, what is required to reduce or eliminate queue times is capacity – more servers with more CPUs/GPUs available to meet peak demand.

One challenge that cloud gaming vendors face is that to meet the demand of peak periods, you need to vastly over-provision your server capacity for down times (like the middle of the night etc). The ultimate way around this challenge is to find another use case for the same hardware during those down-times. The good news for a company like NVIDIA is that there is currently a strong demand from AI training and inference workloads for GPUs. If NVIDIA can repurpose future GFN nodes for off-peak AI training, it may help it deliver additional capacity.


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