NVIDIA Increases the Price of GeForce NOW

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As first posted by Cloudy Games, NVIDIA are raising the price of their tiers for GeForce NOW in Canada and Europe effective November 1st. This is due to increasing operational costs in the area.

The price of the Priority membership tier will increase from £8.99/€9.99/C$9.99 per month to £9.99/€10.99/C$10.99 per month. The price of the Ultimate membership tier will increase from £17.99/€19.99/C$19.99 per month to £19.99/€24.99/C$24.99 per month. Fortunately, Founders for Life members on the Priority tier will be unaffected by the price increase.

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Current and new members can lock in their memberships at the current price for 6 months. Provided they sign up before November 1, 2023. Membership gift cards purchased before November 1, 2023, will be honored.

The Ultimate tier was and still is a good value, even with the price increases. The Ultimate tier does offer significant advantages, such as longer sessions, higher priority access, and 4K gaming. But these features may not be worth the extra cost for everyone.

This is also when GeForce Now and Microsoft are adding their library of games to the service. If you have an active Ultimate tier it is one of the best ways to play a lot of these games.

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Ultimately, the decision of whether to subscribe to GeForce Now is a personal one. If you want the best cloud gaming experience and are willing to pay for it, the Ultimate tier is a good choice. If you’re on a budget or don’t need all the features, the Priority tier is still a good option. And of course there is still the Free tier. But I believe this is more of a trial than a viable way to play long term.

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