GeForce NOW RTX 4080s Live in Amsterdam and DC

GeForce NOW RTX 4080 Map

Great news for GeForce NOW ultimate subscribers on the US east coast and in Northern Europe. RTX 4080 GPUs have arrived at datacenters in Ashburn, VA (a suburb of Washington, DC) and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. The location near DC should serve a fair portion of the US coast.

These additions bring the number of total datacenter locations with RTX 4080s to 7 areas:

  • San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas
  • Ashburn (DC)
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Amsterdam
GFN RTX 4080 Map
GeForce NOW RTX 4080 coverage Map

The new GPUs first went live less than a month ago and bring with them a lot of new functionality including 4K 120FPS streaming, NVIDIA reflex latency minimizing technology, the latest Ray Tracing capabilities and DLSS 3 super-resolution + FPS boosting technology.

In addition, the latest GPUs give GFN ultimate subscribers access to AV1 codec encoding/decoding to reduce bandwidth requirements and increase streaming fidelity.

Keep an eye on our GeForce NOW news feed each Thursday for news on additional rollouts.


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