GeForce NOW Monthly Memberships Sold Out in Europe

GeForce Now Message About Europe

We’re ginna need more server blades captain! It looks like demand for GeForce NOW has increased faster than NVIDIA’s datacenter capacity can keep up with in Europe. They are (temporarily at least) putting a halt to new monthly subscriptions for both GeForce NOW Premium and Ultimate tiers on the continent.

Here is the exact language from the GFN status update:

Due to increased demand GeForce NOW 1-month premium memberships are currently sold out in Europe. Join the waitlist at to have first access when they’re available. To help with capacity, Free membership sign ups have also been paused. This does not impact current members. Limited 6-Month premium memberships are still available.

GeForce NOW is clearly kicking some butt in Europe. Let’s hope it isn’t too long until they get some more capacity into their cloud centers. For now, you can join the waitlist or pick up a discounted 6 month membership.


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