GFN Steam Update – 17 Games Opt In

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Every week we bring you the list of games that opted into NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW (GFN), on Steam over the past 7 days. 17 new games opted in over the last week. Some of these were expected (as NVIDIA had already confirmed the games were coming) but others are opting in pre-emptively.

As always, remember that when a game “opts-in” for GeForce NOW on Steam, it means that the publisher is allowing their game to be included in GFN’s library. However, please do keep in mind that not every game that opts-in will be accepted by NVIDIA and brought to the service. From experience, most popular titles that opt-in do end up arriving on GFN, but lesser-known titles are also less likely to be brought on board.

Newly Opted In Games

Here are all 17 games that opted into GeForce NOW on Steam over the past week.

The list starts with 5 games that we already knew were coming from recent official GeForce NOW blog posts.

You can see our recent posts in this series for other games that have recently opted in. Make sure to also check out our complete list of games that have opted-into GeForce NOW on Steam but not yet arrived.


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