GFN Steam Game Update – July 10

Dragon's Dogman and Firefighting Simulator

We again have news to share about GeForce NOW games on Steam. In the latest weekly execution of our script, we have discovered ten new games that have opted into the platform, expanding the ever-growing list of titles on Steam that have opted into GFN (GeForce NOW). If you want to stay updated on the latest game additions, make sure to check out our weekly updates archive.

It’s essential to note that opting into GFN does not guarantee a game will be released on the platform. Additionally, the list we provide is not inclusive of all games that are coming as some games (particularly top tier games) choose to opt into GFN on Steam only upon release.

Steam Games Newly Opted into GeForce NOW

The last three games on the list are no surprise, they have already been added to the service last week and can be played as we speak.

The highlight here is likely Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen for many people. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is scheduled to be released in the not distant future from Capcom; so, it is a great time to check out this earlier title in the series. It is a game with tens of thousands of positive reviews on Steam.


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