GFN Steam Update: Moving Out 2, Blasphemous 2, VEILED EXPERTS Opt In

Moving Out 2, Blasphemous 2 and VEILED EXPERTS Banner

We are a bit late in running the script to look for new games on Steam that have opted in to GFN. But, what we lack in punctuality we make up for in quality game predictions for the cloud gaming service!

As always remember that opting-in to GFN on Steam means the publisher is up for the gaming being added to the service, but is not a 100% guarantee a title is coming. For top-tier games in the past, they have almost always ended up coming. For lower tier-titles, it is more hit and miss.

Newly GFN Opted-in Games on Steam


This list of titles opting-in has a number of highlights this week!

Two Portal mods have opted-in including RTX support in Portal: Prelude. It’s hard to tell whether these will end up being pickup up by NVIDIA, but there is certainly a reasonable chance.

Upcoming highly anticipated sequels Moving Out 2 and Blasphemous 2 from Team 17 have officially opted into GeForce NOW. While quite distinct from each other, both of these games will make a lot of gamers very happy.

Moving Out is a title that is a lot like Get Packed – which had Stadians enthralled. It’s also a bit like Overcooked but in a packing/moving theme sort of way.

Blasphemous is an action platformer with over 26,000 very positive reviews on steam. The sequel, which is set to release in August, looks just as thrilling.

Finally, a popular game that released just back in May, VEILED Experts, has opted into GFN. It labels itself as an advanced version of search and destroy. It’s been racking up downloads on Steam since its release a couple months ago and now has over 4,000 mostly positive reviews. It’s 5 on 5 multiplayer shooter action.

Veiled Experts Game Banner

Which of these games are you hoping officially make it to GeForce NOW?


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