GFN Steam Update – Forza, Cricket, Vikings Opt-In

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We’ve once again run our script against the SteamDB catalog to pull out games that have newly opted into GeForce NOW. This week 17 new titles have opted in.

As always, take this list with a grain of salt. Not every listed game will end up on the service. NVIDIA needs to put in at least a little work to bring each game on board. In the past, we’ve noticed that top games that opt-in do arrive fairly quickly on GFN, but it is hit or miss for lesser known titles.

Games Newly Opted into GeForce NOW on Steam

Here is the full list of titles that opted in over the past 7 days.

    Forza Motorsport is probably the standout game here. But, it is no surprise to see it listed as the game has already gone live on both GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud Gaming. On GFN, you can play either via Steam or PC Game Pass.

    Last Train Home is an upcoming Title from THQ Nordic currently expected to release on November 28th. It’s a real time strategy (RTS) game set aboard a train returning form World War I and the areas surrounding its journey.

    The Two Survivalist games are existing Steam titles that have grown themselves a cult following. The games have thousands of positive reviews and are commonly streamed.

    Wild Card Football looks to be the football equivalent of what NBA Jam is to basketball. The title releases today and looks to be an arcade-y style option for folks who find Madden titles’ realism as little too much to handle.

    See you again next week for another list of games that will have opted into GeForce NOW. You also can check out all our previous posts in this series.


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