GFN Steam Update July 24: New Games Opt In

Yet Another Zombie Survivors and Hammerwatch 2 Banner

We’ve once again run our script against the data published at SteamDB to find 10 new games which have opted into GeForce NOW on Steam last week.

Don’t forget that choosing to join GFN on Steam means that the game publisher is open to having their game added to the service. However, it doesn’t guarantee that the game will definitely be added. In most cases, top-tier games have been added in the past. But for lesser-known titles, it’s less predictable.

Also, the below is just one week’s list of games that have opted in. To see our discoveries from past weeks, look at the article archive.

As an example of a past find, we previously discovered here that Remnant II had opted into GeForce NOW before it was announced and well before it launched just today!

Games Newly Opted into GFN on Steam

Probably the most notable game on the list are Yet Another Zombie Survivors which is the latest game in the Yet Another Zombie series. This one is a action-packed top-down shooter title with Roguelike gameplay. Check out the trailer below:

    Seeing Hammerwatch II on the list is likely to make fans of the earlier games in the series happy. The game is scheduled to be released in August. It’s a retro pixel-graphics style action RPG from Modus. You can watch gameplay and listen to the developer talk about what’s new in this game. It certainly looks beautiful with a lot of advanced and unique RPG elements.


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