GFN Steam Update: 10 More Games Opt In

Collage of Games that Opted Into GeForce NOW on Steam

Every week, we bring you the games from Steam that opt into NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service GeForce NOW. Over the last week, 10 more games opted-in.

It’s important to understand that when a game “opts-in” for GeForce NOW on Steam, the publisher simply expresses their openness to having it included. However, NVIDIA ultimately decides which games make it onto their service. While popular titles opting-in often find a home on GFN, lesser-known ones might not be as fortunate. So, while an “opt-in” is a positive sign, it’s not a guarantee of immediate availability.

List of Games Opting into GeForce NOW on Steam in Last 7 Days

Here is the full list of games that have opted into GeForce NOW on Steam in the last week.

As usual, the list is a mix of upcoming Steam releases and existing games on Steam who are now ready to join the cloud gaming revolution.

Islands of Insight is a puzzle platformer game that has a lot of very positive reviews on Steam just a week after release and a 78 score on Metacritic. Hellbreach: Vegas is a new FPS shooter from the studio that created Airport Sim and Strange Horticulture. Classifed: France ’44 is an upcoming turn-based strategy game set in France during World War 2. The game is the next title from popular cloud gaming publisher Team 17.

Examine our latest articles for insights on the newest additions to list of the games opting into GFN. Additionally, don’t forget to review our comprehensive catalog of games that have agreed to join GeForce NOW via Steam, though they have not yet been released.


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