GFN Steam Update May 13: 12 Games Opt In

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Each week, we update our list of games that have opted into NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW (GFN), on Steam. This week, there are 19 new titles on the list of games that have opted in.

When a game’s publisher opts a title into GeForce NOW, they are officially signaling their interest in joining GeForce NOW (via a checkbox on Steam). It’s essentially a request to NVIDIA, seeking a spot on their service. While popular games that opt-in tend to reach the platform in a matter of weeks or months, lesser-known titles tend to take longer or not get added at all. Hence, even if a game shows the green light to NVIDIA, it isn’t a guaranteed sign the title will end up on GeForce NOW.

It’s also important to note that these are NOT the only games that will arrive on GeForce NOW! Some of the biggest Steam titles to land on GFN did so without opting in beforehand (opting in only right as they arrived). In addition, games coming to GeForce NOW from other PC stores (Epic, Xbox, BattleNet etc.) are not included in this list for obvious reasons.

All the Games that Newly Opted Into GeForce NOW

Here is the full list of the dozen titles which opted into GFN on Steam over the past week.

    There are a number of notable games in this list. Palworld (which opted in just hours after our post last week) is probably the most anticipated game on the list. However, Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is the remake of a beloved game by THQ Nordic. Gang Beasts is a game that has been available in the cloud on competing services for a time, but could be making its way to GFN for the first time. The latest installment of Pro Cycling Manager will please fans. Plus Team 17 appears set to add a trio of new titles to the service.

    Epic Mickey Rebrushed

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