GFN Steam Update: Over 30 Games Opt In

Way of the Samurai 4 Game Banner

Just a couple weeks ago, Spike Chunsoft had asked NVIDIA to remove their games from NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Thankfully, they later had a change of heart and have allowed for the titles to remain. It seems the change of heart was significant because they’ve now opted-in two more games to GFN on Steam from the Way of the Samurai series.

As always, remember, when a game “opts-in” for GeForce NOW on Steam, it means that the publisher is allowing their game to be included in GFN’s library. However, keep in mind that not every game that opts-in will be accepted by NVIDIA and brought to the service. From experience, most popular titles that opt-in do end up arriving on GFN, but lesser-known titles are also less likely to be brought on board.

Games Newly Opted into GeForce NOW

Here is the entire list of games that opted into GFN on Steam in the last week.

Some of the notable games from this week include the up and coming Europa, ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE (which is the prequel to a game already on the service) and Children of the Sun (an up and coming Devolver Digital title).

Make sure to also check out our complete list of games that have opted-into GeForce NOW on Steam but not yet arrived.


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5 thoughts on “GFN Steam Update: Over 30 Games Opt In

  1. Hi Jack,

    Will you pass along the below game requests to your contact at Nvidia. I imagine it will have more impact coming from someone who has made a name for himself in the cloud gaming space. Thanks!

    Hi. Will you consider adding at least some of the below games to GeForce Now? While I know you typically focus on adding higher-profile games, adding some variety to your catalog would be nice while ramping up the family section. I reached out to a handful of publishers over the last 2 weeks and managed to get the below 12 games to opt-in to GeForce Now. So, it would be great if at least some of the games actually ended up in the library.
    -Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers
    -Pilfer: Story of Light
    -Corn Kidz 64
    -One True Hero
    -Kit’s Quest

    Also, the below 3 games already opted into GeForce Now previously, but would make great additions to your catalog for the same reasons.
    -Kao the Kangaroo (Epic Games)
    -Mail Time

    Thanks for the consideration. I love Geforce Now. It is absolutely fantastic!

  2. Also, the publishers for Skator Gator 3D said it opted in last week. Will you double check this game? It should be on the list.

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