GFN Steam Update: 7 New Titles Opt-In

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Game Banner

Another week has passed and another 7 games have opted-into GeForce NOW (NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service) on Steam. Also, as always, keep in mind that “opting in” means the game publisher agrees to have their games appear on GFN, but is not a guarantee that NVIDIA will actually bring the game over.

In the past, most of the popular games that have opted in have been picked up by the GeForce NOW team. But, for lesser known titles, it is hit and miss.

Newly Opted-In Games

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood was released on Boosteroid a while back. So, it isn’t a complete surprise to see this game opt into GeForce NOW as well. After all, the complete collection of Bethesda titles should be coming in the future.

House Fllipper 2 is the sequel to an existing GFN title that is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

For more games that recently opted-in, you can check out all of our weekly updates. You can also check out the entire list of games that have opted in.


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