GFN Steam Update: 8 New Titles Opt In

Games Opted Into GFN March 11

Every week, we share a list of Steam games that want to be part of the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service run by NVIDIA. This week, 8 new games have joined the list.

Let’s explain what it means for a game to “opt-in”. Basically, this is when the game’s creators tell NVIDIA they’d like their game to be considered for GeForce NOW. But, it’s up to NVIDIA to decide if they will actually include the game on their service. Popular games usually get added quickly, but it’s not a guarantee for games that aren’t as well-known. So, even when a game opts in, it doesn’t mean you can play it on GeForce NOW right away.

Games Newly Opted Into GFN on Steam

Of these games, Colony Survival is the most established with nearly 7,000 very positive reviews on Steam. Reigns Beyond is an upcoming Steam game that was released a few years back for Apple iOS and Apple Arcade by the makers of Reigns and Reigns: Three Kingdoms.

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