GeForce NOW Steam Update May 7, 2023 – 20 Games Opt In

Steam Games Opted into GFN May 7

Another week has passed, and we’ve taken another look at the list of games from Steam that have opted into NVIDIA GeForce NOW. These are recorded on SteamDB. This week we found over 20 new titles on the list – many of which are upcoming new releases. Make sure to also check out our past findings which list hundreds of games that have opted into GFN.

New Titles Opted into GeForce NOW

Some of these titles aren’t big surprises. MotoGP 23 (arriving on Steam June 8) should probably be expected at this point given that past years’ titles are on the service. Previous Amnesia games are also already on GFN. So, Amnesia: The Bunker (releasing May 23) is probably a safe bet as well.


A number of these titles have us intrigued, however. Take Driftwood, the game looks to have a simple but fun premise of downhill longboarding!

Driftwood Screenshot

You guessed it. In Espiocracy, the focus is on espionage in a RISK like global environment shown during the cold war below.

Espiocracy Screenshot

Velocity Noodle is a 2D platformer centered around delivering noodles as fast as possible. It has a bit of a Celeste look to it. Speed runners will definitely enjoy this one.

Velocity Noodle Screenshot

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