GFN Steam Update: 14 New Games Opt In

Steam Games Opt Into GFN on Oct. 21

Another week has passed. That means new games have opted into GeForce NOW (GFN), NVIDIA’s Cloud Gaming Service, via the Steam PC game store. We’ve once again run our script against the game list at SteamDB, and found that 14 new titles which have opted in over the last week. This week’s list contains a number of great looking games and highly anticipated titles.

As always, remember that opting into GeForce NOW on Steam is not a full guarantee a game is coming to the service. While it means that the Publisher is willing to have their game on GFN, NVIDIA still needs to put in a bit of work to test and release the game on their servers.

In the past, we’ve found that popular titles that opt-in almost always do come to the service, whereas lesser known titles are more hit and miss.

Games That Newly Opted In

Fourteen total games opted-in this week. The list includes some top titles that GFN players will surely be excited for!


Ghostrunner 2 Game Banner

A number of these games are highly anticipated titles. Of the 14, Ghostrunner 2 is probably the headliner. The predecessor, Ghostrunner, was a very popular title and has made the rounds on various cloud gaming services. You can expect more fast-paced combat and post-apocalyptic future story telling.

RoboCop: Rogue City is another coming title that will please fans of the character. Published by Nacon, the game is expected to hit shelves November 2nd. It looks to have AAA quality graphics, an all new story and promising game play.

ESPRESSO Tycoon Game Banner

And, who doesn’t want to create their own Coffee Empire with Espresso Tycoon – the winner of a Best Upcoming Indie game award.

Make sure to check out all our recent findings of games opting into GeForce NOW. You can browse the entire list of our findings here!


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