GFN Steam Update: Sam Gets Serious and Opts In Again

Serious Sam 4 Game Banner

Last week, we caught a couple Serious Sam titles opting into GeForce NOW on Steam. This week, two more even bigger Serious Sam titles have opted in among a list of eight total games.

Opting into GeForce NOW on Steam means giving permission for Steam games to be streamed and played through the GeForce NOW cloud gaming platform. By opting in, a publisher allows GeForce NOW the ability to stream and enable the playing of those games on various devices supported by GeForce NOW, such as computers, laptops, and certain mobile devices.

However, keep in mind that when a game opts-in, it isn’t a 100% guarantee the game will arrive. NVIDIA still needs to accept the game and put in the work to test it on their cloud servers. For well known games, this has typically been a given. For lesser known titles, on the other hand, time to release on the service after opting-in has varied from a few weeks to never.

This Weeks Newly Opted In Games


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