GFN Steam Update: SMITE 2, latest MudRunner and UNDER NIGHT Titles Lead 12 Games Opting In

SMITE 2, UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes, Legendary Hoplite: Ajax’s Trial Collage

Last week at CES officially announced that Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, Honkai Star Rail and other big titles are coming to the service. The holidays are now officially over and things are once again heating up on Steam as well. New game registrations for 2024 are taking off.

Every week we bring you the list of new games that have opted into GFN on Steam as updated on SteamDB. This week 12 Steam games opted into GeForce NOW that hadn’t previously. And, the list includes a lot of notable titles!

As a reminder, opting into GFN on Steam means that a publisher is willing to have their title join the service. But, it isn’t a 100% guarantee that NVIDIA will accept the games. There is a bit of work involved in testing the games on the GeForce NOW servers and releasing the game. In the past, we’ve found that well-known/popular titles that opt-in do end up coming to the service. But, lesser known titles are more hit and miss.

Games Recently Opted into GeForce NOW on Steam

Here is the full list of games that are newly opted-in to GFN on Steam in the last week:

A number of the games above are notable! SMITE 2 is the sequel to the massively popular free to play title, SMITE, which sports 40 million players around the world. It is an online battlegrounds where Gods battle Gods.

TIEBREAK (the official game of multiple professional Tennis associations) is a bit of a niche title, but is a title that will be in every Tennis fans collection. The title lets you play along with real-life tournaments as they happen.

The upcoming Legendary Hoplite title opted in again with the upcoming release of the free to play Ajax’s Trial.

MudRunner games are always popular. The namesack game has over 26,000 very positive reviews on Steam. If you are a fan of off-road vehicles, you aren’t going to want to miss Expeditions – the next installment in the series.

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II is an upcoming title from the UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH anime series that has grown a cult following.

You can also check out our complete list of games that have opted-into GFN on Steam but not yet arrived. You can also check out our weekly articles in this series.


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