GFN Thursday April 13, 2023: BANDAI NAMCO Games Arrive

GFN Thursday April 13 Is Highlighted by Four BANDAI NAMCO titles arriving

It’s GFN Thursday time! This week’s GFN Thursday is highlighted by a handful of BANDAI NAMCO (Europe) games arriving! Four of the Six new games this week are from that publisher (italicized below).

New GFN Games

In addition to these 6 new titles, the existing GeForce NOW title, MORDHAU, is getting Epic Game Store support just in time for it to go free on Epic today!

We are especially excited to see Little Nightmares I & II return to the cloud after the shutdown of Stadia. These were two of the most popular titles on the platform. Little Nightmares II is getting released on GeForce NOW in an Enhanced Edition that has RTX on.

Little Nightmares II Game Banner With GFN Logo
Little Nightmares II Joins GFN with RTX On

4K Streaming on LG TVs

In addition to the game news above, NVIDIA has announced that 4K streaming has been enabled on 2023 LG smart TVs – no console required. To receive 4K streams, you will need to be subscribed to the Ultimate membership tier. The company touted that over 1,000 games on the service can be streamed at a 4K resolution. This includes the recently RTX on “Overdrive Mode Update” for Cyberpunk 2077.

GFN 4K Streaming to LG TVs

4K support is available exclusively on LG’s top models including the popular OLED B3, C3 and G3. It’s unclear what the max supported GFN frame-rate is for these models. But, we expect it is at least 60FPS. But, the TVs themselves support 120FPS. So it is theoretically possible GFN could hit that number.

4080 Support Continues to Expand

Finally, while not included in this week’s official news, we note that the GFN Status Page has been updated to mention that the 4080 upgrade is now underway in both Atlanta and Miami. After these two regions get their upgrade, only Phoenix, Seattle and Stockholm will remain to upgrade.

That’s it for the April 13 edition of GFN Thursday. See you next week.


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