GFN Thursday: Xbox Game Pass and PC App Support Arrives

GFN Thursday Xbox Game Pass

We’ve got some big news for you this GFN Thursday. Xbox PC Game Pass has arrived on GeForce NOW! And, it arrived in a big way! Plus, we’ve got a handful of new games to play via Steam and some upcoming game announcements.

Video Summary

We’ve put together a quick video summary of everything covered in this week’s GFN Thursday news. You can check out the short video and/or read on for everything that’s new.

Xbox PC App and Windows Store Support Arrive

While a number of Xbox Game Studio games previously arrived on GFN over the past several months, these games all arrived with support for purchases from either Steam or the Epic Game Store. You couldn’t yet play these games via GFN if you had purchased them from the Windows Store and/or wanted to play them in the PC Xbox App. And, if you were a PC Game Pass (or Game Pass Ultimate) subscriber, you couldn’t play the games from your subscription via GeForce NOW.

That all changes today! 19 games are now supported from the Windows/XBox Store and PC Xbox backend! Here is how that looks in the GFN interface:

GFN Xbox Interface

Here is the full list of games getting PC Xbox support:

These are also PC Game Pass games. So, if you are a Game Pass subscriber, your GFN library just grew! We expect more PC Xbox games to arrive over the upcoming weeks and months as well.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is notable because the game has yet to arrive on consoles. So, it isn’t included in Xbox Game Pass on Consoles or Xcloud.

Other New Games Added to GFN This Week

A handful of other games have arrived on GFN this week as well:

We are assuming that Doom will get Xbox PC support soon in addition to Steam. On top of this list of new titles, Trackmania has gotten Steam support on GFN to compliment the existing Epic Game Store support. Ubisoft’s exclusive arrangement with Epic is continuing to wind down as more Ubisoft titles pop up on Steam.

Upcoming Games

Also this week, GFN announced during Gamescom that some big new titles were on the way. This includes:

PAYDAY 3 is also slated to be an Xbox Game Pass title. So, we hope to see it get Xbox support on GFN when it releases.


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