Troubling Issue w/ Ghost Recon Saves Resolved

Late last week, we started hearing rumblings from Stadia users of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint that they were logging in to find that their progress had been removed. This was certainly troubling and could absolutely be a heartbreaking circumstance for a gamer who had invested a large amount of time in the game.

The initial issue was corroborated by enough members of the community to make it clear the problem was widespread. It also became clear by Friday and Saturday that both Stadia and Ubisoft staff were aware of the issue and investigating.

In thinking about how to appropriately cover the story here on Stadia Dosage, we considered it unlikely that we’d add value to the discussion after Stadia/Ubisoft staff were made aware of the issue and facts remained sparse, affected parties were rightfully upset, and lots of people were jumping to all sorts of conclusions (with some folks even seemingly taking the opportunity to exaggerate, fabricate and amplify stories about more games than just the one in question seeing widespread data loss).

Looks like we have punted just long enough that the situation appears to have resolved itself! Earlier today, Ubisoft was able to restore lost progression and issued the following statement and apology:

Hello Ghosts,

On Stadia only since May 25th, some players may have lost their progression.
Since realising this our team has worked hard to resolve and restore saves as you left them before this issue occurred.

Today we are glad to share with you that you should not face inconveniences anymore related to characters being missing or progression being erased.

Thank you to those who have contacted our support team about this issue. If unfortunately you are still facing a progression loss or an issue related to this incident, please reach out to our support team as soon as possible via our website or our dedicated forum section.

Our apologizes again for this problem and the inconvenience.

/The Ghost Recon Team

If you are still facing any issues with lost progression (we are hearing a few people are) in Ghost Recon, please reach out to the support team as suggested.

We are happy to have this particular episode of Stadia drama wrapped up with a generally positive ending.


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