GOG Announces a New Partnership With Amazon Luna


In very surprising yet extremely positive news, GOG.com and Amazon Luna have unveiled details on a new partnership that will be set in place soon.

The partnership will allow gamers to play games that they own on GOG (and are also available on Amazon Luna) on the Amazon Luna cloud gaming platform. Notable examples of games mentioned in the announcement articles from GOG and Amazon Luna are Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher Series and Stardew Valley, all games that are not currently available to play on the Amazon Luna platform.

You will also be able to purchase games that are available on GOG through the Amazon Luna client directly, with any game purchases done through this method automatically being added to your GOG library. You will also be able to play purchased games on both GOG and Luna.

To put it simply, all the DRM-free benefits of purchasing your games on GOG will still be there, you will simply now have an extra way to play those games.

GOG has stated that features through GOG Galaxy such as cloud saves and achievements will also work when playing these titles on Amazon Luna.

Amazon Luna has confirmed that the doors are officially open starting today for developers who wish to onboard their games to Luna through this new integration with GOG – a move which Amazon Luna has described as a ‘simple intake process’ and also believes will help developers gain more revenue and bring their games to a whole new audience.

It seems that one developer/publisher who is definitely on board is Plaion, as that had this to say in response to the announcement:

“We are excited to provide our customers with more choice and flexibility in how they play. With Luna and GOG, we see an opportunity to to get our games in front of a new audience of gamers and tap into Amazon’s reach across Fire TV, Fire Tablets, Twitch, and Prime Gaming

Pierre Vinson, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Plaion

It is worth noting that it seems that the ability to play GOG titles on Amazon Luna will only be an option for Amazon Prime or Luna+ subscribers.

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Source – GOG.com

Source – Amazon Luna


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