Hades Netflix Games Release Date Announced

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Netflix has confirmed the release date for the video game Hades on its gaming platform, and it’s sooner than you probably realize. Let’s discuss.

What Is Hades About?:

Hades is an action-packed dungeon-crawler video game created by indie studio Supergiant Games. The official App Store description reads like this:

Slash your way through an ever-changing Underworld to ditch the afterlife in this dungeon crawler, with the Greek Gods rooting for you on. And when you die trying? Try again.

You quest awaits: As the immortal Prince of the Underworld you’ll fight through a dungeon maze full of deadly hazards and confront your daddy issues to reach yiur destiny in an action-packed roguelike RPG inspired by Greek mythology. This award-winning adventure weaves together heart-pounding combat with richly intricate storytelling and artwork.

– Apple App Store Description For Netflix Games “Hades”

Hades Netflix Games Launch Date:

It has been confirmed by Netflix on the Apple App Store that Hades will be coming to Netflix Games on March 20th, 2024. We should note this game is already available as a beta in the Philippines (which seem to be the first market to also have gotten Sonic Mania on Netflix). Something notable is there is no confirmation of an Android release for Hades on Netflix. So, if you’re an Android gamer, you might be out of luck when this game drops on Netflix on March 20th. I must note as well that release dates are subject to change. So, whilst the expected release date is March 20th, don’t be surprised if the game releases later or even earlier.

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