HAUS – The First Major Expansion For Dead Island 2 Has Officially Launched

Dead Islands 2‘s first major expansion – HAUS – is now available to purchase and play.

HAUS delivers a brand new story and location to the game. Set in a mysterious Villa that is located in Malibu, players will face off against the Kult. A techno-death cult that has been formed by a billionaire. The group is extreme and committed and believes that they hold the key to humanity’s survival in the zombie apocalypse.

Players will need to explore the Kult’s secrets, and will need to descend through madness, debauchery, and gore in order to survive!

Fear not, however, players will have a range of new weaponry to aid them in their quest against the Kult:

  • K-ROSSBOW – crafted for precision and lethality, allows players to unleash devastating long-range firepower and explode zombified brains with ease
  • Hog Roaster – the ultimate ticket to visceral slaying while simultaneously allowing you to butcher and BBQ zombies
  • Dead Islands – to take the weight off your shoulders while you smash the undead into oblivion
  • 8 New Skill Cards – enhancing players’ slaying abilities with an expanded arsenal of skills

Dead Island 2 is currently available to play in the cloud via GeForce NOW, Boosteroid, and PlayStation Cloud Gaming.


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