Indiana Jones and The Great Circle – New Trailer

A brand new trailer for Indiana Jones and The Great Circle was shown during the Xbox Summer Showcase.

No firm release date has yet been given for the game but we know it’s due to arrive in 2024 and that it will also be a day-one addition to Game Pass.

The game is being developed by Swedish based Machine Games.

You are Indiana Jones. In this pivotal cinematic, Indy and Gina make a startling discovery in the Himalayas. Prepare for this single player adventure set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark™ and The Last Crusade.

Grab your hat and whip and prepare to embark on an epic, globetrotting adventure in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle™. Become the legendary archaeologist and face off against sinister forces as you fight to uncover the truth behind one of history’s greatest mysteries.


Lee Reid

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