Indie Gem Blasphemous Now Available on Utomik Cloud

In a recent announcement, Utomik has expanded its library with the addition of the critically acclaimed video game Blasphemous. This widely popular title is now accessible to Utomik’s subscribers, including their cloud gaming service, Utomik Cloud.

Blasphemous, developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, is an action-platformer known for its captivating storyline, dark fantasy aesthetics, and challenging gameplay mechanics. Players take on the role of the Penitent One. A solitary figure on a mission to navigate the cursed land of Cvstodia and confront a relentless array of enemies and bosses.

One of the game’s most distinctive features is its punishing combat system. Players must master precise timing, dodge enemy attacks, and unleash powerful combos to defeat the various monstrous foes and colossal bosses that stand in their way. As players progress, they acquire new abilities and unlock special attacks, enhancing the Penitent One’s arsenal.

Since its initial release, Blasphemous has received several updates and expansions. Enhancing the overall experience and providing players with more content to explore. The game’s success has led to a dedicated fanbase. Eager to uncover every facet of the enigmatic world and share their experiences within the community.

All in all, Utomik subscribers can now immerse themselves in the world of Blasphemous. Enjoying the game’s stunning pixel art and engaging combat system seamlessly through the convenience of Utomik Cloud. This allows players to stream the game directly to their compatible TVs and smartphones, without the need for time-consuming downloads or installations.

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