LG TVs to Get Enhanced Gaming Hub and More Cloud Gaming Offerings

More news from CES! Kudos to Cloudy.Games for breaking this story earlier today. LG has shown off some enhancements to the already present cloud gaming offerings on its WebOS based TVs. The biggest change is the addition of an enhanced “gaming hub” (called the LG Game Card) sounds and looks pretty similar to what Samsung TVs offer.

LG TV Game Hub
The New LG Gaming Hub

The new hub is a single place on your TV to see all your available gaming options (including locally connected consoles or PCs). Also included in this hub are apps for GeForce Now, Blacknut, Utomik, Boosteroid and now also Amazon Luna (in the US at least on 2023 models).

The next biggest announcement, in our opinion, is that the GeForce Now app will now be supported as far back as 2020 LG models (improved from 2021 and up). In addition to this, the GeForce Now app will support up to 4K streaming on supported TVs!

No PC? No console? No problem! The proliferation of cloud gaming applications directly on Smart TVs now gives you a myriad of high quality game play options!

Notably not mentioned is an Xbox Cloud Gaming app, which for now seems to be exclusively available on Samsung TVs. We’ll monitor how this evolves over the course of the year.


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