Luna Controller App Passes 500,000 Downloads on Google Play

Luna Controller

We keep track of a lot of statistics about cloud gaming here at Cloud Dosage. We track followers and engagement on Social Media, leaderboard sizes, content creators and a lot more! One of the most clear stats we track is app downloads for various cloud gaming services. In one of the best signs of life for the service yet, the Amazon Luna controller app has passed 500,000 downloads on Android. This is around 3 and half years since the app was released.

Luna App Growth

The reason for the big jump at the end of the graph is because values in our table between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads were estimated based on review counts. While the downloads have officially passed 500,000, the reviews per download have fallen by about a factor of 2. So, our download estimate before this milestone was passed was about 2x too small.

The app started out as a simple setup app for the physical Luna Controller, but, more recently, the app itself can be both a Luna controller or act as a bridge for third party controllers (e.g. Xbox controllers) to control Luna on any screen.

Luna App Cloud Direct

It’s hard to tell how many of the downloads are geared towards these different features. One thing the native Android app doesn’t do is actually play games on your phone. For that, you’ll need to visit the Luna web-app.

The Amazon Luna service itself got a bit of a adrenaline shot last year when it expanded to new territories and added free Fortnite support for any Amazon Prime member. Based on public live-streams we see coming off of Luna (a feature built right into Luna), we believe that the vast majority (>90%) of Luna gameplay is in Fortnite. So, it seems likely that all these Fortnite players are who is driving the downloads of the controller app.


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