Amazon Luna Controller on Sale for $39.99

Luna Controller Sale

If you are interested in giving Amazon Luna a try (still US only for now), make sure to check out this deal from Amazon. Until October 12, you can get the controller and a full month subscription to Luna+ for just $39.99. That is the lowest price the controller has been on sale for.

The controller provides cloud-direct technology similar to the Stadia controller. This allows you to reduce latency by connecting directly to the servers in the cloud via wifi rather than adding an extra hop through your streaming device via bluetooth.

You can take advantage of this sale by heading over to the Amazon page. We’ll be covering more Amazon Luna news (along with other cloud gaming services) here on Cloud Dosage going forward.


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2 thoughts on “Amazon Luna Controller on Sale for $39.99

  1. I personally tried the controller in wired mode with epic games. It was correctly detected. Before that I had to use steam to launch epic games if I was using a wired Stadia controller for it to be correctly detected.

    The controller also feels rugged vs Stadia with its smooth feel. You’ll feel the difference right away. I personally prefer the Luna controller when I play on PC.

  2. Wired mode only experience:
    Luna works just fine from Epic games client. For Stadia I had to use steam to launch epic games client before launching any game.

    Luna controller has this rugged feel vs Stadia all-smooth feel. You’ll feel the difference once trying it. I switched to wired Luna controller long ago for PC games as I prefer how the controller feels and to use it directly from Epic games.

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