Amazon Luna is Losing More Games Than it is Getting

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It was just a couple months ago that Amazon Luna passed the 300 game mark. This is if you count Capcom Arcade Stadium as 33 games instead of 1. If not, we have the peak as 276 games. However, since that point, Amazon has been losing more games than it has been getting. We now have its library down to just 267 games across all of its 5 channels (which will cost you a total of $44 a month!) after a bunch of recent departures (e.g. RIME and Trails of Cold Steel III). In addition, a whole bunch more games set to leave the platform in the next couple weeks – 16 in total!

Thanks to u/chrsmhr on Reddit for enumerating the list of games that will be leaving in just the near future. We found a few additions as well.

  • ABZU (Nov. 24)
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Nov. 24)
  • Brothers: A tale of Two Sons (Nov. 24)
  • Indivisible (Nov. 24)
  • Redout (Nov. 24)
  • Killer Queen Black (Nov. 30)
  • Tumblestone (Dec. 1)
  • Phogs (Dec. 1)
  • Chorus (Dec. 1)
  • Furi (Dec. 1)
  • Ghost of a Tale (Dec. 1)
  • Iconoclasts (Dec. 1)
  • Rez Infinite (Dec. 1)
  • R-Type Dimensions (Dec. 1)
  • Steamworld Dig (Dec. 1)
  • Victor Vran (Dec. 1)

One problematic issue is how this is being communicated… it really isn’t. Users on Reddit are having to manually visit each game page on the Luna website to look for a banner saying the game will be removed. Thus, chrsmhr is doing a really great service for the community by catching and posting these. Perhaps the web-developers who would have organized this information got layed off in the mass personnel adjustments at Amazon that affected the Luna team which we reported on earlier this week.

There are three games we know to be coming to the platform in the near future: Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Close to the Sun and Severed Steel.


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  1. I would have hoped that Luna would have learnt something from Stadia and actually communicated with their fan base

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