Marvel’s Midnight Sun Now Live on GFN Bringing 2K Back to the Cloud

Turns out, all you needed in order to get 2K back into the clouds was a little Midnight Sun. Just yesterday, NVIDIA announced that Marvel’s Midnight Sun would be coming to GeForce Now “later this month.” Turns out “later this month” meant tomorrow. Because the game is now live on GeForce Now – with RTX and DLSS enabled!

The game can be purchased for $59.99 on Steam and comes with the following short description:

FIGHT AND STRATEGIZE LIKE A SUPER HERO IN THE DARKER CORNERS OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE. Play as The Hunter, a legendary demon slayer who must lead a team of Super Heroes and supernatural warriors facing apocalyptic threats.

It’s great to see 2K back in the cloud. They were last seen during the first 16 months of Stadia’s lifetime. Make sure to check out our list of all available games in the cloud as well as our list of upcoming games.


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