Microsoft Flight Simulator Adds Touch/Gyro Controls on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft Flight Simulator can now be played using touch and gyroscope controls via Xbox Cloud Gaming. To play Microsoft Flight Simulator with touch/gyro controls on Xbox Cloud Gaming, you will need a touch-enabled device and an Xbox account with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Getting Started with Touch/Gyro Controls

  1. On your touch/gyro-enabled device, navigate to Xbox Cloud Gaming.
  2. Find Microsoft Flight Simulator under the “Play with touch” section and select the tile.
  3. On the next screen, select the “Play” button. If prompted to connect a controller, choose “Continue Anyway”.
  4. When the simulator launches, enable gyroscope controls and customize other settings from the “More Options” menu, accessible at the top left of the screen by selecting the eight-dot icon.
  5. It is recommended not to enable basic controls, as this will replace the custom touch control scheme with a standard Xbox controller overlay.
  6. Adjust the transparency of the controls on the screen using the opacity slider.
  7. Use the in-sim menus and user-friendly interface by touching objects to select them. During flight, the custom touch control scheme will appear on the screen.

If you connect an Xbox gamepad while using touch/gyro controls, the touch and gyro controls will stop working. This is by design. To use touch and gyro controls after connecting a gamepad, restart the simulator.

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