More Top PS5 Games Get Cloud Streaming Support

Collage of New PS5 Cloud Games

Last fall, Sony began streaming games from PS5 cloud hardware. The service is available to PS Plus Premium subscribers. Like what was previously available, you can stream most free PS Plus games from the cloud (now including PS5 games that are part of the PS Plus subscription) if you are a Premium subscriber.

What was brand new in the fall was the ability to also stream select PS5 games that you own outright (via purchase on the PlayStation Store) even if they are not part of the PS Plus collection. Notable games included Hogwarts Legacy and Cyberpunk 2077. For now the ability to stream PS5 games from the cloud is still limited only to actual PS5 devices (which admittedly defeats a lot of the purpose of the capability). But, we hope the ability to stream to additional devices (including the PlayStation Portal) comes sooner rather than later.

While there is no news about additional device support, we do have some good news today. More big PS5 games have gotten support.

New PS5 Games With Cloud Streaming Availability

Here are the new games that can now be streamed from the cloud to PS5 consoles

These are all hugely popular games on the platform. While PS5 consoles owners can already play these games locally, their appearance in the PlayStation cloud is a great sign. It means as soon as PlayStation cloud gaming expands to more devices, these games will be playable on more screens!

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