MultiVersus is Back and Playable via the Cloud

After being delisted and reworked, MultiVersus is now available once again on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, bringing back its platform fighting experience. The game, developed by Player First Games, features an extensive roster of characters from various franchises from Warner Bros., DC Comics, and more. Players can select their favorite characters to battle in iconic settings, each equipped with unique abilities and play styles.

In MultiVersus, strategy plays a crucial role, as players can engage in both 1v1 duels and team-based matches akin to Super Smash Bros. The game’s mechanics are designed to be accessible to newcomers while offering a level of complexity that appeals to seasoned players. With regular updates and the introduction of new characters and stages, the game continues to evolve, keeping the player base engaged and the competition fresh.

What’s up, doc? The clouds!

Beyond traditional gaming consoles and PC setups, MultiVersus is also accessible via cloud gaming services, expanding its reach and convenience. For example, Boosteroid allows players to stream the game to various devices, including laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. This cloud-based approach ensures that players can enjoy the game with high performance, regardless of their hardware capabilities. Simply login to your Boosteroid account, get your subscription ready, and install the game to your cloud device.

The re-release of MultiVersus aims to address previous feedback from the community. Offering improved gameplay balance, enhanced graphics, and smoother online play. The developers have also introduced new features and content to enrich the player experience. With cross-platform play enabled, players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox can play seamlessly.

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