Netflix Adds Pinball Masters To Growing Netflix Games Lineup

Pinball Masters

Netflix has finally added its first game to its Games portfolio for February 2024, and this game will be one that fans of pinball will love. Pinball Masters Netflix Edition is the newest game on Netflix; so, let’s look at what this game includes.

Play Across Twelve Pinball Tables Via Netflix:

Zen Studio’s Pinball Master is a new pinball video game that you can check out on Netflix now. The game features twelve unique tables including tables that feature iconic characters like King Kong, Godzilla, and The Addams Family alongside themed tables like Curse Of The Mummy. The Apple App Store page also teases that there are “more tables to come” which means this game could either receive free updates in the future or maybe it could mean this is the first game that will enable paid add-ons as Netflix is rumored to be looking into as they try monetize their games better.

Zen Studios is known for developing Pinball games, and it’s great to see Netflix is continuing to expand its game offerings with titles that appeal to gamers across a wide range of genres and franchises.

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