Netflix Adds Two Reigns Games To Its Cloud Gaming Beta

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Netflix’s Cloud Gaming Beta has rapidly grown over the past few weeks as the lineup of games to trial has more than tripled from two games at launch in August (the UK and Canada launch) to eight games. The two most recent games that have been added are in Devolver Digital’s Reigns franchise, so let’s look at both games.

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The first game that has been added to Netflix’s cloud gaming beta is the original 2016 card strategy game known as Reigns. The official description of this game on Netflix reads: “What kind of monarch are you? field a deluge of requests from your subjects to find out. But beware your choices will make or break the family legacy.” What’s rather interesting about the addition of this game is unlike its follow-up Reigns is only available on Netflix via the cloud gaming beta.

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Reigns Three Kingdoms:

The second game in this update is Reigns Three Kingdoms the follow-up to the previously mentioned Reigns. The official Netflix description reads: “Your decisions on the throne shape high-stakes negotiations, military alliances and more in this game continuation inspired by Han dynasty history”.

These additions are a welcomed one especially as Netflix has added more and more games to its platform, with the Reigns games coming to Netflix via the cloud as well as Netflix licensing more games from Reigns publisher Devolver Digital for mobile. I am hopeful we will see more Devolver games on Netflix via the cloud.

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