Netflix Announces Four Brand New Games Coming To Netflix Games In 2024 Including Sonic Mania

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Netflix just won’t slow down their announcements! Less than two weeks before Christmas, Netflix has announced four brand new games for its gaming platform in 2024 and beyond, so let’s go over what those games are.

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Sonic Mania (2024 Release):

The first game we are going to take a look at is the best Sonic The Hedgehog game from the last decade, which is the 2D sidescroller Sonic Mania. Sonic Mania is a great addition as it is a fan favorite as well as a favorite among critics. Interestingly, Sonic Mania is the second Sonic The Hedgehog game on Netflix but is also the third Sega game, showing a strong partnership between Sega and Netflix.

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Cozy Grove Camp Spirit (2024 Release)

Embark on a heartwarming journey in Cozy Grove Camp Spirit, Netflix Game Studio Spry Fox’s follow-up to the original Cozy Grove game. Like the previous game, you will be on a haunted island and help a number of ghostly bears, in addition to all-new ghostly stories. This game promises new activities, new furry companions, and much more. With Cozy Grove being a game a lot of Netflix gamers have been requesting, it’s great to see we finally will be getting a game in the franchise, and soon.

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FashionVerse (2024 Release)

The next game is another interesting one, and that game is FashionVerse, a game where you get to create your style and embrace your unique style. This game also uses AI to help enhance the 3D models in this game. This game also features inclusive models in photorealistic scenes, and you can compete against others in glamorous challenges. This game will be coming to Netflix in 2024.

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Game Dev Tycoon: (2024 Release)

The final game is the game Game Dev Tycoon where you can replay the history of video games as you set up your own video game development company in the 1980s. Make the world’s best-selling video games and make films based on your favorite films as this game’s story progresses. Test your skills as you try to make in-game social media influencers market your game for you.

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